Tim Hays of Concord Boudoir: "What an extraordinary model! Shannon will work her ass off to get you the shot you need every time! Beauty and grace is what you get in this package. I would recommend Shannon to a photographer on ANY level. If you are an experienced photographer she will make you feel guilty because she makes getting the shot so easy; if you are a beginner in model photography this woman will make you look like a true pro! You can't go wrong with Shannon, I promise, and after 13 years of photographing models, she is at the top of my list!"

Alexander Sikwitit; Photographer: "Three words describe my experience shooting Shannon Boothby - awesome, talented, and grateful.  Awesome, because her sheer presence in person dwarfs anything in pictures.  Talented, because her skill in posing and modeling transcend what's normal which ultimately produces a dope end product. And lastly, grateful, because when you work with someone whose experienced, in the end they make YOU better.  Shannon Boothby has made me a better photographer and for that I am grateful."