About me:

Shannon Boothby is an American alternative model and Suicide Girl (Niffler Suicide). Born to a Caucasian father and Korean mother, she definitely has a certain look about her. If you want to get technical, she is 57% Asian (there's a lot of debate on exactly where they came from given Korea had a high immigrant rate with many other Asian countries over the years), 18% Welch/Scottish/Irish, 16% Scandinavian, and 9% Eastern European. 

Born November 9, 1987 in Georgia and raised in South Carolina, she is a model with a drive to succeed in all she does. Standing 5 foot 10 inches (without heels), Shannon never comes up short literally or figuratively! After winning a free Pin-Up photoshoot in January of 2011, Shannon found a love for being in front of a camera and hasn't looked back since.

Featured in numerous popular and international print publications (see full list located on the Printwork/Publications/Ads gallery tab), webzines and blogs, Shannon's unique, modern look, and work ethic are in high demand. She also happens to be a spokesmodel for Hush Anesthetics, H2Ocean Aftercare and also collaborates with clothing companies around the globe. 

I've had people ask me multiple times about whether or not I have a WISH LIST. As a matter of fact, I do! Well, it's not really a "please buy this for me" list. It's actually just a list of stuff that I want and slowly buy for myself when I have the extra cash. All of the things on the list are used for modeling or photography so if you ever check it out, you might see me shoot in some of the things listed!